Comics Coloring

 So in 1993, I graduated college and immediately went to work trying to figure out how to color comic books, a big creative passion of mine. Turns out, in establishing my design company with my brother, we became pretty hot as a digital comics coloring company. By 1996, we had put ourselves in the black and unfortunately sold out to go collect checks and insurance from a fashion company. In hindsight, I deeply regret every letting Gorilla Graphix go away. We made history as a small company that didn't know how much we were impacting comics and pop art. Our artists and affiliated designers have gone on to become major players in the comics, gaming and design world. 

So when I got a random call in 2015 asking me if I was the guy behind Gorilla Graphix, I was kinda dumbfounded. Someone was asking if I still colored and having not colored for 20 years, of course I said 'Yes!'. That call led to the NYCC 2015 exclusive Aliens/Vampirella cover, AND to my re-establishing my passion of comics. Here is a small sampling of my color work, past and present. See more at my comics portfolio . as of 2017, I am coloring the ongoing Stargate Atlantis comic by American Mythology Publishing (AMP), Hatchet (also by AMP), and several other piece projects. Oh, and thank you Andrew Mangum for making that call. 


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