Fine Art Nude Photography

I empower women to see themselves as beautiful.

I offer personal session with myself, in studio, for women to be photographed as the beautiful fine art that they naturally are. 

These sessions are EMPOWERING, LIBERATING and for some, a dream or longtime desire come true. They are also safe, healing and in the presence of a professional and respected artist. To me, there is nothing more sacred than the human body, especially the female, as that is the life source of our humanity. You are given one thing that of the 7.8billion people on earth, is the one thing that is truly yours and yours alone. Your body. Hold it sacred, and beautiful. Celebrate every inch of it. Every curve, fold, texture and piece that make up what you have been graced with. You were given no instructions on it, so claim your power and capture your human vessel as a monument of your existence. Like you, it will someday no longer be here. Let the world and future generations see what was. What was so beautiful. What carried you through your amazing life. What broke down, healed, kept going and what gave it all it had. This is why I choose the female figure as a muse. It doesn't know quit and won't be denied its marvelous wonder. 

Yes, I do charge for these sessions. However, per agreement, if I see a pose or something that I may want to draw, sculpt or use in a piece of my work, I do attach you to the piece and you receive a 25% commission for the life of the work. It could be that you would make back your personal investment. 

If you are interested, please contact me directly. -GENE

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