Dia de Muerte

…and I truly became enthralled with the beautiful tradition and way of remembrance. Now that I know what this holiday means to the Hispanic culture, my culture, I am so ever proud to create images that pay humble tribute to this amazing belief. And I am perplexed by this as well. The main belief is that the soul that has passed on continues its life that it lived hear on earth, just in the realm of the dead. There is much celebration around knowing a loved one will spend eternity doing what they want. My confusion is that if the soul continues on after death, why do I see endless amounts of Hispanic families continually at cemeteries having picnic lunches on the graves of loved ones. I understand going a couple times a year to pay some respects, but if the soul has continued on, why are they stationary at the grave? I want to yell, "THEY AREN'T THERE! THEY ARE DOING WHAT THEY WANTED TO DO. I ALSO THINK THEY WOULD WANT YOU TO DO THE SAME!" I mean absolutely no disrespect, but this is troubling to me. This is my culture that spends a lot of time in the past, and not moving forward.

I look forward to the evolution of this series...


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