GENE Artist' Studio/Gallery

Born and raised in Santa Ana, it's only natural that GENE would locate his personal art studio in the heart of Orange County. GENE's Art Studio/Gallery is located in the historic downtown Santa Ana's Artist Village, in the basement of the Santora Building at 2nd and Broadway. The 600sqft gallery hosts the monthly Art Walk, currently rated as the best artwalk in Orange County. 

The front half of this creative space is the gallery where visitors can browse GENE's latest works of art, jewelry, prints and more. While the back half is where much of the magic takes place as GENE's personal painting studio and creative space. The gallery has no set hours, but one can make an appointment to discuss any favored work. In general, GENE is normally there Friday, Saturdays and Sundays and as time permits other days. Feel free to stop by and enjoy GENE's creative space. 


GENE, an artists' studio/gallery

207 N. Broadway, B11

Santa Ana, CA 92672



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