The Japanese believe for second that the koi captures your attention, you are present in that moment and free from all worries of life’s distractions, if only for a moment. I have found them to be the most interesting muse of my journey thus far. I have a pond (which constantly begs to grow larger), with several amazing koi. They eat, alot! My friend Ben, who owns the local koi shop, calls them ‘pigs with fins!”


I was meant to be with koi. They are decendants of one of the oldest fish, the carp, and have evolved to become one of todays more interesting forms of art. Someday, I will repay my colorful scaled friends with a giant pond, with room for giant koi to grow in. There shouldn’t be any limit to man’s gratitude for natures tolerance of our ignorance in how we treat the planet. If you don’t know what I am talking about, raise a koi pond for three or so years. You might experience patience, tolerance and compassion like never before. And, I’m sure you’ll make some little friends.



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