Some time ago I came across a project that consisted of a bunch of old windows to be constructed as walls to a greenhouse. I thought that it would make a great glass blowing studio, so I went and picked it up. The windows turned out to be over a hundred years old and I loved their look, feel and story they told. After building it, I had several left over and noticed that they were very interesting in their construction as their weathered frames mimicked framed art.


It was in tact and weathered everything up to that point. I use house paint in my work so I decided to paint on the reverse side of the glass. This also means I have to paint the image in reverse order. I have to reverse the order in which the paint is applied. I am very energetic and in the moment when I normally paint, so this is a very different approach. I have to run through the entire painting in my mind and then rewind that imagination in order to paint each color in the correct order. For instance, on the 'buffalo' painting, the first paint laid down was the white highlight of the eye. It's a challenging and fun process and I hope they add to the already amazing stories these 100yo+ some of these windows have.


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